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Aerodrome safety and Standard department (ASSD) is the department under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Directorate (CASRD) of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The major functions of this department are follows:

  1. Certification function of the aerodromes of flight operation in accordance with national/international adopted rules and regulation by CAAN.
  2. Notifications function to Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and other Organizations about the certified status of an aerodrome.
  3. Safety oversights function of aerodrome and ground area especially in the field of Civil, Electromechanical and Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting services.

Perform their duties based on Airport Certification Regulation, 2004 (ACR), CAR-14 & CAR-19 to issue, renew and revocate aerodrome Certificate of International & Domestic airport. ASSD also inspect, issue permission to operate rooftop helipads established in different hospitals. This department regularly conducts audit inspection under the surveillance program to maintain the issued aerodrome certificate, verify and test facilities, equipment and processes of aerodrome as per their aerodrome manual. It comprises of two divisions which are aerodrome safety division and aerodrome standard division. Aerodrome inspector from the area of airport engineering, electro-mechanical engineering and rescue and fire fighting services.