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  1. Approval of Air Traffic Service Operations Manual (ATSOM) of those domestic Airport which have Control Zone (VNVT, VNJP, VNSI, VNBP, VNPK, VNBW, VNNG)
  2. PBN Implementation Plan updated in line with Regional Plan of ICAO.
  3. Approval of operational Letter of Agreement (LOA) between various units. Like: Lukla TWR and Kathmandu ACC
  4. Preparation of OJTI in domestic airport.
  5. Participating in “Regular Flight Inspection check” in the past and “MSSR commissioning Flight Inspection Check Programme” in future.
  6. Developing RNAV Procedure of Chandragadi, Janakpur, Dhanagadi and Nepaljung airports.
  7. Preparing AFIS Operations Manual  of Lukla Airport.