Disaster Response Plan Revision Project Phase – I

TIA’s Disaster Response Plan (DRP) Revision Project Phase – I kicked off on 13th November, 2017. The project is designed to gather lessons-earned and best practices to revise the DRP for increasing readiness to support future emergency response situations.  The Revision Project is currently designed to take place in three phases.  The first phase is the revision phase.  The goal is to have a revised DRP by March 2018.  In Phase II, an exercise will be designed that challenges TIA and the interagency community to gain familiarity with the new plan, test its functionality, and ultimately, identify any potential gaps that need to be re-evaluated.  Phase III will be an exercise of the new DRP at TIA.  The response to the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, subsequent response, and recovery will be evaluated.  The TIA DRP was first prepared in 2012 as an annex to TIA’s overall Airport Emergency Plan.