Acts Requirements State Safety Programme

Legal framework relating to civil aviation in Nepal can be broadly categorized into three groups. They are:

  1. Primary Legislation: Acts are the basic law promulgated by the Parliament under the provision of the Constitution. Acts relating to civil aviation are as follows:
  • Civil Aviation Act, 2015 B.S. (1959)
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Act,2053 B.S. (1996)
  1. Secondary Regulation: Regulations are the rules promulgated under the power conferred by the Act. Regulations are approved by the Government of Nepal and they empower Director General to frame and enforce technical regulations in the form of Civil Aviation Requirements.
  • CAAN, Civil Aviation Regulation, 2058 B.S. (2002)
  • Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Regulation, 2071 (2014)
  • CAAN, Aerodrome Certification Regulation, 2004
  • CAAN, Aviation Sports Regulation
  • CAAN, Airport Service Charge Regulation,2067
  1. Operating Regulation: Civil Aviation Requirements are technical regulations framed to implement the SARPs of the Annexes of Chicago Convention. These Requirements are promulgated and enforced by the Director General under the power conferred to him by the CAAN, Civil Aviation Regulation, 2058 B.S.(2002 A.D.)